Brf's Page of Creatures Links

Here are some of my favorite Creatures sites:

The Norn Underground Lummox JR's Site. It is a very well organized collection of infomation, cobs, utilities and norns. I recommend his Cob Tutorial for anyone who wants to learn to make Cobs.
The Creatures Developer Resource Chris Double's Site. This site has loads of homemade utilities to interface with Creatures 1 and 2, and has lots of information on how to build your own kits too.
The Palace of the Evil Shee Lis Morris's Site. This site has improved norn genomes for C2 and few FAQs and COBs, as well as Terra Nornia, a new world for C1.
Bibble's Creatures World A treasure trove of creatures, objects, and useful info. The registry of COB numbers is also here for those of you who want to make your own objects.
Slink's Burrow Online
Slink's Site. Another good collection of information, cobs, utilities and such. The Cob Author's Guide in her reference section is a must for Cobbers new and old. Her site also contains a text version for those who don't like to wait for graphics to load.
Slink's Specials Alas! Slinks Creatures Site was closed. Most of the info from the above Site has been moved here.
Slink's Treasures If the above doesnt work....try this one.
Kinnison's Creatures Pages
Daniel Silverstone's Site. He is the author of CrEd32. The site also contains a few cobs and exports.
Creatures Universe A virtual shopping mall of cobs. It also has a text-version for those in a hurry to bury themselves in a mountain of cobs.
Albia 2000 By Ali Maggs. It has cobs, genetically engineered norns, the Official Toby Simpson Shrine, Who's Who in the Creatures Newsgroups and loads of other stuff.
Cobbled Together Another large collection of Cobs on a non-graphics site. This one is organized by category.
Frimlin's Kiwi Creatures A very nice collection of cobs, exports, utilities and other stuff.
Norn Holiday Greg Poehlein's site. He created the sprite set for the '96 Santa norns and the Easter Bunny norns.
geNorNics Elemkey's site. This site is devoted entirely to norn genetics and is the bible to anyone wanting to understand or fiddle with their norns's genes.
Where's the Cob? This site is an alphabetic list of cobs, with links to the authors' home pages. If you have heard about a cob and don't know where to download it, check here.
The Norn Adoption Clinic This well organized largish site has a good list of exports. It also has a few cobs, help FAQs, and other goodies.
Norntropolis A nice collection of C1 norns,cobs and hints pages to help you along your game. It also includes a hospital to send your sick norns and a travel agency to send your norns on vacation.


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