"MUSTerbation" is a term coined by Dr. Albert Ellis, Ph.D. Dr. Ellis is considered the father of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). "MUSTerbation" refers to emotional and cognitive demands that result in self defeating behavior for an individual or a group. For example, "I must, you must, it must, he must, she must, they must, etc." are the underlying basis for many wars and conflicts in society as well as contributing to individual health problems. "MUSTerbation" is closely related to terms such as "should, must, awful, need, have to, etc. One of the primary goals of REBT  is to provide "therapeutic coaching" which involves teaching, guiding and helping individuals and groups identify and challenge such terms, thus reducing them to absurdity and replacing them with more realistic, elegant, and accurate words. It is most important not only to challenge the words but the underlying meaning associated with them. Remember not to interfere with other's rights to do the same for themselves.
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