Antinice's W40K Tyranid Page

These are Termagaunts from the Maccrage boxed set. They are the first ones I painted. Here's the excellent How To Paint Hive Fleet Leviathan tutorial that I followed.
I'm pretty happy with them overall especially since they are the first figures I ever painted. I took a lot of time painting them. If you look you can see I did them in two batches - the carapace is more gradiated on one set.

all%202%20thumb.png all%203%20thumb.png all%20thumb.png t%20horde%20thumb.png
dude%201%20thumb.png dude%202%20thumb.png dude%203%20thumb.png dude%204%20thumb.png
dude%205%20thumb.png t%20head%20thumb.png t1%20thumb.png t2%20thumb.png
beaky%20bye%20bye%20thumb.png lolz%20pwnt%20thumb.png

These are the sites that are most important to my gaming and casting activities. Relic 40K Tabletop Forums Everything you need to know about Warhammer 40K. Great painting tips, army selection, and rules discussions.
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Yahoo Groups - Sculpting Talk about sculpting miniatures.
Yahoo Groups - Scratch-building Talk about building from scratch using a varierty of materials such as wood or styrene.
Yahoo Groups - Casting Discussions about resin casting and associated topics. Victoria Lamb is amazing. (This is what's it's all about...Cadian's End )

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