Crafty Chess Piece Graphics

Crafty's annotateh command will annotate a game, producing an HTML file including diagrams. Unfortunately the graphics don't seem to be available. Create a folder where you'll be storing Crafty's HTML output files. Then create a 'bitmaps' directory beneath it. If you copy the images below into the bitmaps directory you'll be able to browse your games in all their graphical splendor.

These public domain images were taken from the Template:Chess diagram page on Wikipedia. They are the "44" series of images. Poke around there are you'll see what I mean. I renamed and converted them to gif images in order to match Crafty's HTML.

Snag this zip file. You only really need the gifs contained within, but I included the png files because I had them. Or, if you wish, you can 'save image as...' the following images:

Have fun!