Atlas/Craftsman 12" 101.07383 Metal Lathe Parts and Diagrams

Here are parts diagrams and descriptions for the Atlas/Craftsman 12" 101.07383 lathe. Click on the image to see them full size. I oversized the scans somewhat to preserve as much detail as I could - these scans came from a copy, not an original. As far as I know, this is the only copy of the 101.07383 parts list on the web.

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Threading chart from inside the gear cover

I hope you find this useful.

The copies from which I made these scans were given to me by the Clausing corporation. I am posting them here with their permission.

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> Tony,
> We see no problem with that as long as the copy posted has no pricing on it
> or is clearly stated the prices are not valid.
> Glad we could help - please let us know if we can be of further assistance.
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> Subject: thank you!
> Clausing recently took the time to photocopy an old 1941-ish exploded  
> parts diagram for my Craftsman 101.07383 lathe.  I'd like to thank  
> you for your above-and-beyond service.   This lathe's information is  
> not on the web anywhere so if not for your archives I'd be sunk.
> Given that there seems to be no profit in sending people like me a  
> diagram, would it be acceptable if I scanned and posted this  
> document on my web site?  The document is 2 or 3 exploded diagrams  
> and a voided part and price list from 1941.
> Thanks,
> Tony