Lister's escape plan (in stereo) (449K)

Rimmer "You've got to get me back..." (in stereo) (163K)

Kryten gets hit on the head once too often (in stereo) (57K)

Kryten discusses The Cat's escape plan (in stereo) (280K)

Rimmer discusses Lister's family tree (in stereo) (454K)

Lister "The escape pod is not an option..." (268K)

Kryten "They've taken Mr Rimmer..." (in stereo) (246K)

Rimmer "At least he gets 24 hours notice..." (73K)

Holly "Abandon ship..." (208K)

Ace Rimmer's modesty (234K)

Holly "Basically, we have 3 alternatives..." (174K)

Holly, when the ship's siren goes out (20K)

Kryten "The axeman is back" (73K)

Kryten "Just call me B.A." (15K)

Rimmer "Step up to red alert..." (55K)

Rimmer "Better dead than smeg" (14K)

Lister "Drop dead Rimmer..." (31K)

Kochanski (season 7) (66K)

Rimmer "She had an artificial nose..." (80K)

Kryten "It leaves us galloping up..." (38K)

Holly "You're a total smeghead..." (20K)

Lister, discussing Rimmer's popularity (42K)

Rimmer & Kryten discussing a technical problem (72K)

Lister, looking for a black box (27K)

Ace Rimmer "Smoke me a kipper..." (25K)

The Cat's modesty (49K)

Rimmer "Marvelous" (14K)

Kryten "It's in my programming to obey ..." (71K)

Holly "I have an IQ of 6000..." (64K)

From season 8 (63K)

Lister "When I write my psycho guide..." (130K)

Rimmer "That's because I'm dead..." (60K)

Holly, from the episode DNA (33K)

Kryten, frustrated (37K)

Kryten "Mr Rimmer would be effectively dead..." (58K)

Rimmer "Can you imagine a society..." (91K)

Lister "Get out of this one smeg head" (36K)

Kryten "...Sir we lost Mr Rimmer..." (90K)